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Facebook’s Libra Currency Faces Drastic Setbacks | Crypto Trader News Roundtable

by Tony Lewis

Mark Zuckerberg appeared in Congress to discuss Facebook’s plans to release its very own global currency and digital wallet: Libra and Calibra.

In this first episode of CTN’s roundtable we will be analyzing Facebook’s business strategy and whether or not they will succeed at releasing Libra.

Things to keep in mind while watching this roundtable…

We recorded this on October 23rd, 2019. Two days before actually publishing this today. The price of Bitcoin has maintained relatively stable in the past 48 hours.

Our price predictions for BTC for this Q4 are still the ones as described in the video.

As for Facebook Libra… You can find some in-depth analysis that we’ve previously published on Crypto Trader News below:

Overall… Half of our team believes that Facebook’s Libra will not be launching as what is being sold to us at the moment. A rebranding process will have to take place if Zuckerberg’s company wants to issue Libra and Calibra within the next five years.

Dennis Lewis, CEO of Crypto Trader News, doesn’t even think Libra will launch at all within the next five years. Congress hates Facebook and Zuckerberg too much to let him have the power of controlling one global currency. He thinks Walmart has a much better chance of launching its own global currency.


Our next roundtable discussion will be published within the next couple of weeks. An in-depth discussion and a passionate debate on whether Bitcoin or Gold are better tools for long-term storing wealth will be taking place.

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