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Trading Crypto vs. Forex. Which is better?

by icosuccess
, Trading Crypto vs. Forex. Which is better?

Forex and cryptocurrency trading are extremely similar in that they both involve exchanging one currency for another. Beyond the obvious, being Forex (FX) is a foreign exchange for trading fiat, cryptocurrency exchanges handle digital assets like Bitcoin, Ether, etc. In this article, we are delving into volatility and leverage. Through this, you will decide whether you like trading crypto, Forex or both.

Despite the glaring similarity of trading on exchanges and watching the usual analysis before making orders, the new kid on the financial frontier is cryptocurrency. And like shiny new things, digital currency and its potential to earn seems more appealing to traders than traditional Forex markets. But why?

The increased popularity of cryptocurrencies stems from technological, innovative, and financial points of view, which has drawn in a lot of new investors, indicated by an increase to over $770 Billion in total crypto market cap. Many experts in the financial field believe the market cap will increase as cryptocurrency seeps into the mainstream consciousness.

Let’s outline a couple of reasons why we think trading on the cryptocurrency market is better than trading the Forex market.

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