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Ripple Me This (XRP)

by Meredith Loughran
Hello Cryptopreneurs and welcome to The Daily Five. Today’s video highlights are all about Ripple and we couldn’t help throwing in a little DC humor for the XRP army. You’ll find the links to previously published articles below, just in case your missed them the first time around. Stick around and see why Ripple is one of the best blockchain projects on the planet.

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Highlighted Articles:

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Video Transcription:

Hello Cryptopreneurs!

In today's Daily Five, we're all about Ripple. Our highlighted articles point to dissent in the XRP army, strategic partnerships, integration into a broader world stage and why Ripple is one of the best blockchain projects on the planet.

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Ripple has been on fire when it comes to innovating the remittance and banking industry. They've created lightning fast transactions and have been working diligently to solve the blockchain and scalability issues. But there has been unrest in the XRP community especially surrounding how millions of token were transferred to an unknown address and billions were being dumped in the market with negative effects on the value. This has led some in the XRP army to consider a fork of Ripple.


In October 2019, we announced that Xpring had launched an open global developer platform using the Ripple blockchain and Interledger protocol which will help integrate fiat or digital assets into our phone applications. Why is this exciting? Because Xpring offers a software development kit that allows programmers to insert a few lines of code for plug and play integration rather than starting from scratch.


Going back further in 2019, Ripple made news in June about a strategic partnership with MoneyGram, one of the world's most recognized money transfer companies. They made a $50 million commitment over a two year period in exchange for equity. And if you didn't know it, MoneyGram operates within a $600 billion global remittance market, serving more than 200 countries and territories - so Ripple's stake and integration of blockchain into this business sector, plus the infusion of cryptocurrency into the market is a very big deal.


Back in February, 2019, Coinbase added Ripple to their order books... and it seemed like the world yawned. Coinbase Pro users now have the ability to create limit, market, and stop orders in full trading mode using order pairs in XRP/USD, the Euro, and Bitcoin. And though Ripple's main target is banks and enterprise level remittance, the markets are where the average person can invest in Ripple.


Last on the Daily Five is our list of the ten best blockchain projects currently out there and ones you may want to pay attention to. Of course Ripple is on the list, and so is EOS and Hyperledger. This list has a short description of the blockchain project, its industry focus and consensus model, as well as governance, smart contract functionality and ledger type. Be sure to visit the link in our show notes to get to the full article.


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