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ErasureCon – Everyone Knows Something Event

by Alan Daniel
, ErasureCon – Everyone Knows Something Event

Numerai introduced Erasure in 2018, based on the premise that information is trapped. The decentralized project deployed Numerai to free information and help individuals to use their research and time to earn without exposing themselves to the risks that buying stocks may bring to them. The decentralized project notes that considerable risk lies with stock purchases.

According to Numerai’s Medium post, these include the fact that “currency fluctuations in the US dollar and Chinese Yuan could move against you. The US stock market may go down as a whole and crash your Apple shares along with it.”

Erasure is a way for individuals to contribute to a more efficient stock market while minimizing their potential chances of loss. See, with Erasure, would-be traders would opt to sell their market-moving information and predictions to hedge funds or financial firms who are better protected against risks due to the very nature of their being.

The goal of Erasure is to use the principles of comparative advantage and overall efficiency to unlock value for both the contributor, the financial entity, and the overall markets. The individual or group of individuals would serve as amazing inputs in a value chain that is enhanced by financial firms that have more flexibility and knowledge in maximizing gains on trades and minimizing potential risk.

With the Erasure prediction marketplace, people can focus on what they do best and benefit from the synergies present within the Erasure platform.


The Erasure data marketplace is set to disrupt the way business is done in the research and trading worlds of finance and the team at Numerai is holding an event this month in San Francisco, CA, called ErasureCon//Everybody knows something on Friday, September 26th from 1:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Details about ErasureCon can be found here.

Attendees will get to see Richard Craib, Joel Monegro, Marcos Lopez de Prado and several other notable individuals associated with the cryptocurrency project. Numerai enthusiasts can learn more about the Erasure protocol, and the “unstoppable decentralized data marketplace for predictions.”

It should be a fascinating event for those interested in innovations in predictions, the financial sector, and stock trading. Numerai makes it to where individuals can stake the Numeraire token (NMR), make predictions, build a reputation for successful predictions, and earn for their participation.

The project should be an exciting one to watch as it combines the crowd with specialized entities to potentially create a more efficient market.

Are you attending? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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