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What BNB Got Right that KuCoin Shares Didn’t

by Alan Daniel
, What BNB Got Right that KuCoin Shares Didn’t

The cryptocurrency market is finally heating up (bitcoin is at $10,000 now) and this drives more curiosity in the cryptocurrency sector.

It is certain that crypto enthusiasts would want to have exposure to a few exchanges and their coins to maximize their gains.

But which one?

There are a few coins present on the market.

Should one buy Binance coin or Kurcoin shares?

For those that are interested in understanding the differences between Binance coin and Kucoin shares, we’ve gone ahead and created this simple guide.

To understand why BNB is more compelling than Kucoin Shares we need to understand the strength of the exchanges.

Let’s first take a look at volume for Binance and Kucoin and then we’ll dive into a couple of more factors after.

Let’s take a look.

We can automatically see that Binance is the leader in volume. The exchange ranks as number one by volume on Coinmarketcap.

Binance has an adjusted volume of $2.19 billion over the past 24 hours. Data from Coinmarketcap indicates that Binance has experienced $12.68 billion in volume over the course of seven days and $58.47 billion in volume over the course of 30 days.

The data shows that Binance is popular.

How about the volume on Kucoin?

It’s a different story.

We see that KuCoin is 51st exchange as ranked by volume.

KuCoin volume over the past 24 hours has been $56.33 million, $369.44 million over seven days and $1.57 billion over the course of the past the 30 days.

Clearly, Binance outpaces KuCoin in a major way when it comes to volume.

That is the first aspect that Binance got right.

The entity was able to conduct the right actions to reach cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This major aspect of reach as conducted through its many campaigns through promotions on its website, discounted fees, referral campaigns and other tactics in an overall strategy paid off. As a matter of fact, it paid off handsomely for the exchange.

This leads us to the next aspect.

Binance is a brand name like Pepsi or Coke. Like Frank Lucas said in American Gangster “consumers rely on [brands] to know what they’re getting. They know the company is not going to try to fool them with an inferior product”.

Binance has been able to stand behind its exchange and its offerings. The team at Binance has shown that they can guarantee the service. They can guarantee transparency, SAFU funds, low fees, and a good trading experience.

Binance is involved in a variety of endeavors from the Initial Exchange Offerings to binance chain, to research to cryptocurrency education and non-profits that help to provide the exchange with more clout and legitimacy. The entity continues to remain a large presence within the industry.

KuCoin is a part of the industry but still has a long way to go in terms of adoption.

The Proof of Value

As shown throughout the crypto slump, Binance has also shown that it will stay active throughout a bear market. BNB outperformed while also providing utility in more ways than one.

As such, it is no wonder that BNB is more popular.

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