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5 Key Website Components For Positioning Your ICO

by Icosuccess

Launching your first initial coin offering isn’t a process that should be taken likely. The performance of your ICO can lay the groundwork for your future success—or lack thereof, if the event is a flop. Anyone who’s done any basic research into launching an ICO knows that a solid marketing campaign and a bounty program can do help blockchain start-ups get the exposure they need to succeed. But did you know that your blockchain website is equally as important? Today, we’re going to look at five key website components for positioning your ICO for success.

Unfortunately, many start-ups spend so much time perfecting their marketing campaign that they completely neglect their website. As a result, they inadvertently send the message of being disorganized and unprepared—both of which are a surefire way to scare the cautious blockchain investor. For this reason, your blockchain website needs to be optimized and easy to navigate. Here’s how you can do it.

1. A well-designed layout

Your website is going to be the first impression people have of your project. If it looks rushed or poorly thrown together, people are going to start making similar assumptions about your project as well. You can prevent this by building a website that’s aesthetically pleasing and filled with useful content.

Make sure that all your links work, the site’s easy to navigate, and important info like your whitepaper, token presale information, and ICO instructions are uploaded and easy to locate.

2. Optimized for speed

Let’s face it, people are impatient. Nobody wants to wait around for a slow website to load, especially people investing in technology. If you haven’t optimized your website yet, consider the following:

  • Nearly half of all visitors expect the website to load in two seconds.
  • 40% of those visitors will actually leave the website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

In other words, a slow website is literally costing you potential investors and is a surefire way to guarantee your ICO falls flat.

3. Collect people’s emails

While blog content and Facebook Messenger are both excellent ways to onboard investors or grow your community, email continues to be one of the most effective avenues of digital marketing. Having a way to collect emails means that you get a direct line of communication to your investors, supporters, and prospective users who’re interested in learning more about your startup. Best of all, gathering emails is easier than you think. Simply put an opt-in form on your website for that people need to fill if they want to…

  • Receive your whitepaper
  • Learn about your ICO or token pre-sale
  • Join a weekly newsletter (But make sure your newsletter provide valuable content that isn’t easily found elsewhere)

4. Make information easy to access

Potential investors and supporters aren’t going to want to dig around for information about your project. Have all the information available and ready to access on your landing page and home page. That way, they can learn more about your platform and events at their leisure.

Here are a few things that must be linked on your homepage:

  • Whitepaper or sign-up sheet to receive whitepaper
  • Link to social media profiles
  • Link to blog and chat groups (WhatsApp, Telegram, or Discord)

You might want to consider linking other pertinent information as well, like recent press releases and important blog posts. That will let visitors see the information that you want them to see without having them search for it.

5. Add an interactive chat feature

Don’t make emails and social media the only way supporters can get in touch with you. These days, supporters want an omnichannel approach—which means you need to be able to answer questions through a variety of avenues, including live chat. Whether you choose to have an actual manned chat with support staff or an AI bot is up to you, but you need to have something there to answer the simple questions visitors have about your project, the ICO, and any upcoming events you’re hosting.

FREEBIE! 6: Add videos

Videos are a great way to connect with people. For starters, they’re a great way to add a little bit of creativity into your content. Also, many people prefer to watch a video than reading content. After all, you can turn a 10-minute read explaining your blockchain project into a quick three-minute video, if done correctly. But in order to achieve that, you need to spend a decent amount of time providing a good quality video with helpful infographs and explanations that highlight the important points you want to drive home.

Putting it all in place

If you want to see what an optimized website looks like, take a look at the Image Protect homepage. There, you’ll see that they have all the essential components necessary to build an optimized website—even a high-quality, engaging video explaining their services.

To learn more about how you can build the right website for your cryptocurrency project, contact ICOsuccess today. At ICOsuccess we have experience working in the fast-paced blockchain industry and know exactly what it takes to grow a community and attract investors on the days leading up to your initial coin offering. Launching your first initial coin offering isn’t a process that should be taken likely. The performance of your ICO can lay the groundwork for your future success—or lack thereof, if the event is a flop.

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