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ICOsuccess and FlairDrop Conduct Most Efficient Token Distribution in History of Ethereum Blockchain

by Dennis Lewis

Over the weekend, ICOsuccess utilized the distributed app Flairdrop to quickly and efficiently distribute over 14 thousand token distributions for SuchApp.

We believe that the combination of speed, security and low gas costs makes this the single most efficient blockchain token distribution made on the Ethereum blockchain. For this reason, we’re excited to announce ICOsuccess will be using FlairDrop in order to distribute tokens more effectively.

FlairDrop is a tool designed to airdrop ERC20 tokens more efficiently. By working around bottlenecks, FlairDrop helps blockchain platforms run bounty campaigns and similar operations smoothly by avoiding blockchain congestion often associated with high volume transactions.

Thanks to FlairDrop, we were able to distribute more than 2.5 million tokens to 14,200 bounty participants in approximately six hours. What’s more, this method of distributing tokens is highly secure and can cost as much as 100x less in ETH gas than traditional air drop methods. The reason for this is FlairDrop’s smart contract process, which handles transactions in large batches of roughly 100 transactions.

FlairDrop is built by Sceptre Enterprise and is designed to make airdropping in bulk secure and quicker than ever. You can learn more about the application by visiting the FlairDrop website.

About ICOsuccess:

ICOsuccess is a full-service blockchain marketing agency specializing in helping blockchain start-ups succeed in the competitive, fast-paced cryptocurrency landscape. Along with helping start-ups prepare for upcoming ICOs, ICOsuccess also assists with bounty campaigns and airdrop campaigns, token distributions, and more.

The blockchain industry isn’t like traditional markets. It’s competitive, fast-moving, and always reacting to change. Because of this, many start-ups working with blockchain for the first-time struggle to build a following. ICOsuccess acts the liaison between blockchain communities and traditional businesses, helping emerging blockchain projects become established in this emerging market.

If you’re a blockchain startup interested in growing your support, contact ICOsuccess today to get started.

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