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Why You Should Start Growing Your Facebook Messenger List Right Away

by Dennis Lewis

Have you ever noticed that almost every successful startup, regardless of industry, has an email marketing campaign?

That’s because email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of building relationships with customers interested in your product. While other marketing strategies have changed over the years, personalized email campaigns continue to be one of the most valuable marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. They’re cheap, effective, and can be customized to target different portions of the population.

Why Facebook Messenger?

For email marketing to work effectively, it needs to be part of a greater marketing campaign that includes content development and engaging with supporters. Email campaigns are typically used to create awareness and provide updates on your project, not engage with followers – that’s where Facebook Messenger comes in.

Facebook Messenger isn’t a replacement for email marketing, but rather an effective platform that fills the gaps overlooked by your mailing list. According to Facebook, there are currently 1.3 billion users using Messenger worldwide. In 2017 alone, Messenger had 17 billion video chats and an average of 7 billion new conversations every day.

Messenger is perfect for connecting with existing followers and reaching out to new supporters. It has open rates higher than 80%, making Messenger a great way to engage with people that don’t typically subscribe to email marketing campaigns.
People use Facebook as a means to have fun and connect with others – unlike email, which is used strictly for correspondence. That makes it easier to interact with people and advertise your blockchain startup or promote your upcoming ICO.

Leverage Facebook Messenger and Email Marketing for Best Results

The key to getting the most out of Messenger and your email marketing campaign is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, and then integrating both of them into your marketing strategy.

As you post content and engage with supporters on social media, you want to always try to grow your mailing list. You can then use email marketing to promote events, send exclusive content, and keep your supporters updated on what’s new with your project.
To further illustrate just how powerful email marketing is, consider the following: every dollar spent on email marketing has an ROI of $40. However, email marketing only targets a specific group of people – those interested in your blockchain startup and have subscribed to your mailing list.

With Messenger, you can interact with new people found in groups and pages on Facebook in a way that’s fun, less formal, and more visually appealing. Combine this with your mailing list, and you have an outreach marketing strategy for your blockchain project that engages with supporters and onboards new members.

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