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5 Tips to Effectively Communicate with your Audience during an ICO

by Tony Lewis

Have you ever noticed how most successful blockchain projects are in constant contact with their audience?
Community building is one of the most important parts of running a successful marketing campaign, especially when you’re looking to generate awareness on the weeks leading up to your initial coin offering. As we mentioned in the 12 Pillars of Successful ICO Marketing, building a community requires you to be everywhere—hence the reason every startup launching an ICO maintains an active presence across Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, and others.
Today we’re going to look at how to use communication to maximize your ICO marketing campaign.

1. Set up Two Telegram Channels

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Telegram is the messaging platform of the blockchain community—until the release of SuchApp, at least. Just look at any up-and-coming blockchain project and you’ll notice that nearly every single one uses Telegram to help market their upcoming ICO.

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in a cryptocurrency Telegram channel, you already know easy it is for these chatrooms to become too congested. This makes it hard for participants to stay current with news and events surrounding your blockchain platform. For this reason, we recommend taking the following steps to promote meaningful discussions in your channel:

  • Create two Telegram groups. One for general discussions about your platform or ICO launch, another reserved for official announcements.
  • Have around-the-clock moderators. This is a must-have once your channel starts growing. Make sure to have moderators from across the world so that there’s always someone monitoring your channel.


2. Build Your Email List

While platforms like Telegram and Facebook Messenger are becoming increasingly popular, email campaigns continue to top the list of quintessential digital marketing strategies.

One of the main objectives of every successful marketing campaign is to grow your following. For email marketing, this means constantly expanding your mailing list. To achieve that, you need to come up with a solid onboarding strategy that makes people want to sign up for your mailing list. One way to do this is by offering exclusive content to people who fill in a survey (using their email address) or sign up for your mailing list.

Keep your supporters protected

As you develop your email marketing campaign, make sure that you take the necessary measures to protect your supporters from scammers. Do this by sending your emails from one and only one source, reiterating to your subscribers that any messages from other email addresses are fake.

3. Set up and Optimize Your Social Media Channels

Getting maximum value out of your social media campaign requires you to engage with followers across social media platforms. However, that doesn’t mean that you should publish content on one platform and simply repost it on the rest. Each social media channel can be utilized for a specific function, and once you’re able to tap into each platform’s market, you’ll be able to build a much larger following.

Copyright protection platform, Image Protect, increased their mailing list by eight times in three short weeks just because they optimized their social media marketing strategy.

Twitter is best suited for shot announcements and progress updates

You can also use it to link to longer content like blog posts and press releases, but it’s best to be short and to-the-point on Twitter. Also, if you already have a large following on Twitter, offer them tokens in turn for retweeting and promoting your platform.

Facebook is where you want to really interact with followers

Here, you can have in-depth discussions, conduct surveys, host quizzes and trivia games, and create live streams. Like Twitter, Facebook can also be used for viral marketing—so encourage your supporters to share your content!

Reddit is great for hosting Q&A events and holding discussions

The best thing about Reddit is its immense userbase. Approximately 330 million people are active on Reddit, and running an active subreddit can help your project gain more exposure.

Blogging is a must-have if you’re looking for organic traffic

Most blockchain companies choose Medium as their primary blogging platform. Sure, it’s visually appealing and easy to engage with other users, but we know from experience that Medium can, and often does, censor blockchain content. This is why we recommend keeping a WordPress blog. You have 100% ownership and responsibility with maintaining your content. Do not rely on a third party platform and risk losing all of your written material!

Discord operates like Telegram, but with a different crowd

It’s a chatroom and voice communication application that’s popular among video gamers. Not a must for marketing your ICO, but a niche group of risk-taking traders within the blockchain community tend to use Discord. If you have the extra resources to run a Discord group, great. Otherwise, leave it out of your marketing strategy.

Bitcointalk is a great forum for generating buzz around your ICO campaign

We recommend setting up two threads on Bitcointalk: one introduction thread where highlight your project, and a bounty campaign thread that your bounty army keeps active. There’s a lot of activity on Bitcointalk, especially from investors looking to capitalize on the next big idea. It’s definitely a place where you want to build a presence.

4. Build Your Facebook Messenger List

Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming one of the most valuable digital marketing tools around. Five times more successful than email marketing at open and click-through rates, Facebook Messenger can help you expand your reach and connect with new segments of the market that are underrepresented in blockchain technology.

5.Think Big

As your blockchain project continues to grow in popularity, you’ll start receiving support from investors across the world interested in participating in your ICO.
As you start featuring more in the international community, it’s important you learn which avenues of communication work best around the world.

  • KakaoTalk is popular in South Korea
  • Line and WeChat are most popular in China and Japan
  • Facebook Messenger is most popular in the United States and Australia
  • Viber is popular among Eastern European countries


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