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The 3 Critical Stages of Marketing an ICO

by Dennis Lewis

There’s more that goes into launching an ICO than coming up with ways to raise money. A good ICO serves as the foundation which determines your project’s future success because blockchain startups need exposure and community support. To help with this, it is important to remember that startups need to invest time and resources into marketing their ICO for the best chance at a successful and lucrative initial coin offering. To help with this, we’ve come up with three steps to help new blockchain projects gain the exposure they need for a successful initial coin offering.

1. Come up with an Action Plan

Before you even think about launching an ICO, you need to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan that helps your startup establish a brand identity and build a loyal following. You want to be comprehensive when planning your ICO marketing strategy, which means looking at more than just content creation.

Here are some things to ask yourself when planning your ICO:

  • Do I have reliable infrastructure? Websites should be protected against cyberattacks and able to withstand heavy traffic without downtime.
  • How can I build a following? Community building is important for any marketing strategy, and the best way to grow organically is to engage with people across a variety of platforms.
  • What’s my brand? Be clear on what your project is, what you aim to do with it, and who it helps. For example, OPEN Platform has branded themselves as the premier blockchain payment solution. When anyone thinks about cryptocurrency payments, their project should be of the first payment solutions to come to mind.
  • How am I reaching out? Come up with different ways to connect with new and existing customers, including email campaigns, messaging over platforms like Telegram and Facebook messenger, and publishing content on sites like Facebook and Medium.
  • What’s working for me? Check your marketing metrics to see where visitors are coming from, conversion rates, and other important insights.


2. Executing Your Marketing Strategy

Build your following with a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Engaging with your followers through content creation and customer service is a great way to attract new supporters organically, while utilizing social media advertisements to help you reach out to different segments of the blockchain community, like the crypto trader or the blockchain investor.

Examples of well-executed marketing strategies include SuchApp and OPEN Platform. Both of these projects have successfully promoted themselves across social media platforms, on Reddit, and through direct engagement on Telegram. As a result, they both have built a large following before announcing their crowd sale – and hype around their projects continues to grow with every passing day.

3. Keeping the Momentum after Your ICO

Once your token pre-sale and ICO have concluded, you need to work towards keeping the hype around your project so it continues to grow. One way to achieve this is to continue developing your service to accommodate an ever-changing market. As more people adopt your project, look at new features you can add to make your platform convenient and useful. Another idea is to adopt bounty campaigns that reward users for onboarding new members, creating the incentive for your project to grow after the dust from your ICO has settled.

Launching an ICO isn’t something that you do on your own. For best results, consider working with experts who know the industry and can help you come up with an organized marketing strategy. If you’d like help planning and executing the perfect marketing strategy for your startup, visit the ICO Success website today.

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