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AuDigent: Monetization and Analytics Platform for Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle

by Pragati Shrivastava
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AuDigent might not have been on your radar as a blockchain project to keep an eye on, but there are some very interesting developments that have caught our attention.

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In November 2019, AuDigent finished up their Series A funding round and boasts that they are a next-generation data management platform (DMP) that is centered on music, entertainment, sports and pop culture verticals. AuDigent has exclusive audience data from record labels, influencers, and the most popular content publishers. Their data sets include audiences across the open web, mobile, and social channels. These users are the most engaged and they share user behavior on the latest content from all mediums, from desktop to mobile apps, and social media channels.

More about AuDigent

How does AuDigent collect this data?

The platform collects first party data through mobile web identifiers and has established partnerships with the world’s leading music, sports and pop culture publishers, for this purpose.

How is AuDigent significant?

If you follow the series “Black Mirror” on Netflix, you’d get this one easily. In Black Mirror, a Sci-Fi series, we see protagonists getting plagued with and living in a world that knows more about them than they do. All information and data is a resource, social media and web apps are as ingrained in daily life, such as eating and sleeping.

Companies use this data to target and track users to their homes, their web history and the people in their lives. The platforms that collect this data are more specific than FBI spies. This data gives control to platforms and they control our actions and influence our decisions through targeted ads, marketing and content that we consume on all social media channels.

That may sound like an exaggeration, however, AuDigent is the first step towards a world straight out of a SciFi show. The data collected through its partnerships will give companies access to the likes, dislikes, preferences, choices and interests of all users. This is sure to revolutionize the marketing and ad game and give marketers an edge over Google/ Facebook Ads. AuDigent is a revolutionary data platform and its partnerships will change the Ad game forever.

What is the role of blockchain in AuDigent?

AuDigent has a keen focus on data privacy, and this differentiates it from other such platforms. It stands out as a platform that works with clean, verified opt-in data for its partners and provides data-driven media buying solution focused on performance for brands and media agencies. It tackles the biggest challenge in entertainment – with a focus on ownership growth and first-party data monetization.

The platform uses blockchain technology to purge fraudulent IDs through a verification process spread across multiple ledgers. This helps them deliver actionable data that increases conversion and eliminates the traditional behavior of “renting” audiences from siloed sources. The reason for incorporating blockchain tech on the platform is that the team identified that over 50% of ad spends on campaigns for the pop music industry. Additionally, influencer brands got wasted due to bots present on social media platforms and web apps. This nuisance can be fought using blockchain tech.

When user activity is tracked across social media apps and web apps, bots can be easily identified and filtered out from the data that is collected on the distributed ledgers. The ad industry hasn’t witnessed a true revolution and AuDigent aims to start one such revolution powered by blockchain tech. Marketing will no longer remain mindless and generic, it will become a strategic investment.

Top Features of AuDigent

The platform has several unique features and they include:

  • It features premium first-party data from the biggest brands in entertainment, sports and lifestyle content
  • Fully blockchain-verified, opt-in audiences that filter out non-human/non-actionable traffic
  • First ad data platform that implements blockchain tech for verification and data segmenting
  • Data that meets top demand side platforms and marketplaces
  • Data focused on audience driven optimization and media execution
  • Combines first-party data and premium publisher inventory as a single, easy-to-use deal ID

Who is invested in AuDigent?

AuDigent is a “data management platform” that leads the edge as a “data agency”. The company has raised $6.7 million in Series A round of financing. Ripple’s Xpring led the investment round for AuDigent with participation from Galaxy Digital, Broadscale Group, Warner Music Group and SVK Crypto. Since its launch, the project has put together a funding of $14.5 million.

The company plans to use these funds to aggressively expand it sales and marketing efforts and continue to innovate its data platform and add top end data products.

What’s in it for cryptopreneurs?

Cryptopreneurs have been launching products that revolutionize the way we browse, transact and interact with the internet. There have been very few revolutionary platforms that change the way data is collected in the ad and marketing space. AuDigent is paving the way for future cryptopreneurs to build ad and marketing products using blockchain tech.

Data’s future is truly digital and there are a lot of problems and challenges to tackle – like increasing ROI, building and sharing value and filtering out non-human traffic. There is value to be added to make the marketing and ad experience worth the efforts, and with more cryptopreneurs focused on this, the space will see many more exciting data products that will change the way we interact with brands.

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