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tZero Trading Will Be Available For Retail Traders Today

by Alan Daniel
, tZero Trading Will Be Available For Retail Traders Today

tZero will roll out security token trading for retail investors. This move will be a significant one for the securitization platform company as it will bring about a potential catalyst for higher use and volumes. In a year that may be chalked up as one that was somewhat eventful so far, for tZero, onboarding more users will be a crucial factor.

The subsidiary of Overstock has been relatively busy this past year with the launch of several initiatives. From the start of the tZero platform, its retail crypto trading application for iOS and Android, and its partnership with film producers, this latest event will be a fascinating one to measure fundamental interest.

tZero aims to present tZero trading by August 12, 2019. Only accredited investors who purchased the security token offering could participate in the tZero platform before this event.

The tZero platform is expected to have more companies conduct their security token offerings and list their tokens on the tZero platform soon. The blockchain-based company and subsidiary of Overstock will have TZEROP and Overstock’s dividend token (A-1 preferred) present on the platform.

Adoption of tZero and Points to Remember with tZero

Volume and use are still scarce for tZero.

There are many reasons for this result.

One main reason may be that a platform like tZero may not offer as much profit potential as traditional cryptocurrency retail markets.

One may realize more volatility and profits when trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies open to retail. Then there is the matter of concepts such as IEO’s and IDO’s.

Initial investors in these platforms can multiply their value if they invest early and exit within a reasonable time frame. Furthermore, other options such as BlockFi, Celsius, and DeFi options may provide investors with more yield for simply holding stablecoins and crypto-assets.

It is important to remember that a company like Coinbase may have a high valuation because of different metrics. It was one of the companies that started out in the early stages of the crypto industry, it is a name brand, it has brand recognition, and operates in crypto retail trading not in the STO market. Coinbase started out by meeting a rising need, the security token market base layer is still forming. Still, the company is expecting to onboard about 50,000 users or more during this retail opening.

Finally, having stated these different points, interested users can try the tZero platform by following the steps below.

Access the tZero Platform

To get started on the tZero platform, visit tzero.com, then click on the big button in the center of the landing page called “start trading.”

A user will see a prompt that states “please click below to be directed to the Dinosaur Financial Group LLC’s digital security token customer portal, where you can start the application process or access your account”.

After clicking “Continue,” users will be directed to a new page where they may sign in or create an account. New users will need to create an account with Dinosaur Financial Group (odd name for an innovative company) before proceeding to the next few steps.

More details to follow. Keep up with Crypto Trader News for the latest events on tZero.

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