The Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technologies of South Korea plans to allocate two hundred million dollars for the Blockchain …
Hackers stole $60 million in cryptocurrency from a Japanese digital exchange called Zaif.Business Insider reports the exchange is owned byTech Bureau Corp, an Osaka based company.The company said hackers gained access for a timeframe of [More]
This CNBC original documentary explores the elusive and controversial world of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that sparked a global frenzy. Is it the future of finance, a bubble or worse? Anchor Melissa Lee follows a cast [More]
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NY Attorney General says crypto is “too risky,” BTC core bug fix, Indiegogo to launch STO, XRP introduces tipping for YouTube and Twitch, dApps, EOSIO 1.3, Eidoo stable coin, Tezos mainnet, cannabis, mining, crypto news, [More]
National Chinese Science Academy Launches Blockchain Lab China’s federal science institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is taking part in a new …
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Many talk about a cryptocurrency revolution to come. Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple are some of the best-known cryptocurrencies out there. According to their supporters, the technology behind this, Blockchain, is meant to unleash the ultimate [More]
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UK Bitcoin Exchange: Talks to introduce and regulate Bitcoin digital currency in the UK. RT’s Laura Smith speaks to Arwa Mahdawi, technology journalist. READ MORE WATCH LIVE: FOLLOW ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ON [More]
This week on Blockchain Central: we’ll look into the main differences between Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). How to choose the right way of investing money and what are the risks [More]
In tonights special edition of the #AskNugget show, we have Neil the Founder of Crypto Recruit answering all your questions! Crypto Recruit recruitment agency specialise in recruiting exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Neil [More]
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Digital currencies have emerged as the next frontier in finance and technology. Implications for monetary policy, regulation, banking and financial inclusion are significant. Technologies such as Bitcoin have the potential to revolutionize the way people [More]
The Bank of Canada governor says if the use of physical money diminishes, it makes sense for central banks to create their own version of Bitcoin. Stephen Poloz says there is “no urgency” for the [More]
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has effectively banned any dealings in cryptocurrency via banks or e-wallets in the country stating “dealing with or providing services to any individuals or business entities dealing with or [More]
This week on Blockchain Central: we will talk about the famous Bitcoin Hard Fork, which resulted in creation of Bitcoin Cash. Is BTH better than its bigger brother? Let’s find out! ‘Blockchain Central’ is your [More]
Swachhcoin is looking to revolutionize the Waste Management industry with Blockchain technology. Applying IOT, AI and Block Chain technology they are building a more efficient management system. As the world’s population continues to boom so [More] – today we will review interesting live product on the market. It helps specifically with Bitcoin Gold. As you know, nearly one year ago was a hardfork and Bitcoin Gold was created. So, this [More]
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